Technology Used

Material Preparation:

T.E.S Material preparation workshop is equipped with top machines required to perform all specialized operations of cold and hot forming of raw materials like bending, beveling, disc cutting, gas cutting, laser cutting, pressing, punching, rolling, sawing and shearing. Part of these activities is CNC operated. As much as T.E.S believes in the capabilities of a skilled foreman or labor, T.E.S is convinced that in addition, automation and mechanization definitely are essential tools for refined and productive workmanship. The following are some pictures of T.E.S material preparation processes

Metal Forming


T.E.S strength lies in its ability to machine relatively heavy and large work pieces as well as the machining of smaller work pieces. Our range of machinery is also extremely suitable for handling single work pieces and small series. The CNC machines with tool changer are also very suitable for the manufacture of large series of similar products. T.E.S machining workshop is equipped with top machines required to perform all specialized operations like boring, drilling, milling, planning, spark erosion, turning and wire cutting. The following are some pictures of T.E.S machining processes:


Fitting is an essential used process at T.E.S. It starts after finishing the material preparation of raw materials and before continuous welding. It ensures the required right dimensions for steel products. The following is a picture of T.E.S fitting process:


T.E.S operates welding via automatic, manual, robots and spot welding machines. The welding processes used at T.E.S are FCAW, GMAW, SAW and SMAW. The majority of T.E.S welders are certified according to ASME IX. The following are some pictures of T.E.S welding processes:


Finishing by grinding is the most common abrasive process. T.E.S uses 3 types for metal finishing, the first 1 is machined grinding,  the second one is robotic polishing, while the last one is manual grinding,. Machined grinding is used to finish small flat surfaces, robotic polishing is used to finish large number standard workpieces, while the remaining items are finished by manual grinding. The following are some pictures of T.E.S finishing processes:

Corrosion Protection:

T.E.S uses 5 types of corrosion protection processes. For sand blasting, sand is mechanically impelled against the metal surface to be cleaned. The abrasive particles are carried by a high-velocity blast of air emerging from a nozzle. While for shot blasting, metal shots are used during the process. For small and light metal parts, T.E.S uses electrostatic powder coating technique, where solid particles are used in spraying. While for the other remaining metal parts, primer and finish coatings are used. Primer coating is used to assure adhesion, provide a leveling effect and to improve corrosion resistance. Moreover, finish coating is implemented by airless spraying. Thefollowing are some pictures of T.E.S corrosion protection processes: