T.E.S Flexible system offers a diversified range of products to meet client needs in different industrial projects and applications.

Sheet Metal:

Sheet metal works represent part of the main products of T.E.S factories and manufacturing facilities. The company is committed to meet the requirements as set down in highest quality standards to ensure customers satisfaction. T.E.S sheet metal works are grown from the comprehensive experience of years of specializ¬ation for best possible efficiency. The following are some pictures of T.E.S sheet metal products:

Plate Works & Equipment:

T.E.S is equipped with the latest rollers, presses and press brakes with large capabilities to execute different tanks, silos, heat exchangers, condensers and handling systems, that are used in a wide range of industries such as flour, cement, steel mills, automotive, petroleum, fertilizers—etc.The Company is sharing in designing and applying many production lines for industrial large projects which are implemented in Egypt, that are requiring the continuous availability of technical efficiency during operational time to guarantee high quality products. The following are some pictures of T.E.S plate works products:

Structural Steel:

The company has supplied and erected different steel buildings and structures with various ranges of heights and areas, equipped with overhead cranes up to 60 tons.We are specialist in the manufacturing of overhead cranes of capacities starting from 5 tons and up to 60 tons, built-up sections, standard profiles, girders, platforms, stairs, gratings, telecommunication towers, electrical towers, wind mill towers, lattice towers and tubular towers. The following are some pictures of T.E.S structural steel products:


Our machining workshop contains reliable facilities &advanced equipment. All are used to achieve very high accuracy during the manufacturing and machining processes. Thus, the required parts and pieces or various dies, with standard or non standard shapes, can be made available to our customers with almost no loss in material. Suitable furnaces and other heat treatment equipment are also available to provide proper technical manipulation during and after manufacturing for each part. All standard shapes, special shapes and special applications tooling are available in cooperation with our design group and highly specialized engineers to exactly meet the required purpose. The following are some pictures of T.E.S machined products: